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The Elements of Editing

Elayne Wells Harmer, JD

Elayne Wells Harmer, editor

Satisfied Clients

The book is MAGNIFICENT! Thank you for your skilled support throughout—your obvious wordsmithing abilities and your extensive experience planning and completing projects such as this one. I hope we can cooperate on future projects!

Rick Robison, author of The Liberation of Kuwait: Honoring the Veterans of Desert Storm

You are a fantastic editor. It’s amazing how many little errors can be missed even with three people reading over it.

Marilee Coles-Ritchie, PhD, professor of education at Westminster College

Elayne is an amazing talent. She is efficient, knowledgeable, and an expert at the craft of writing and editing. I loved her honest feedback and delightful suggestions. I highly recommend her for any project, as she'll bring professional levels of understanding and expertise.

Paul Stout, author of Far from Reality

Elayne, you are editing magic. I seriously want you in my corner for future books I write. You are SO thorough. You see things that hardly anyone else can see. It's really a gift.

Crystalee Beck, author of Joyce’s Boy: The Life and Times of Alan E. Hall

I would highly, highly recommend Elayne Wells Harmer for editing. While I'm confident you can find competent book design on UpWork, the difference between Elayne and the editors you'll find on UpWork is at least exponential.

Chad Robertson, owner of Writing Nights, a publishing services company

You are magical with words!! This book is now more wonderful than I ever expected. I now know why authors say they love their editors. You are a godsend and make what I wrote sound beautiful.

Lynn Bryson, author of Swan Dives Are Not in My DNA and Love the Woman You Are, Stop Being Someone You’re Not

Great work, Elayne. I could not have made this happen without your eagle eye and attention to detail. You will never know how much I appreciate all you have done. Not just editing but also your counsel, recommendations, and most importantly, your friendship.

Chief Master Sergeant Denise M. Jelinski-Hall (U.S. Air Force, ret.), author of From the Prairie to the Pentagon: The Inspiring Story of the Airman Who Achieved the Highest Position Ever Held by an Enlisted Woman in U.S. Military History